Satellite Cable

A range of good quality white 75 Ohm coaxial satellite cables with F type connectors suitable for connecting F type sockets on a wide range of audio/video equipment including satellite receivers, set top boxes and some DAB radios. Available in lengths of 2m, 3m, 5m, and 10m.

Description Order Code Price Quantity
Satellite Cable (2m) COAXF02 3.99

Satellite Cable (3m) COAXF03 4.99 Out of Stock
Satellite Cable (5m) COAXF05 6.99

Satellite Cable (10m) COAXF10 9.99



Satellite Cable Connector

A useful all metal satellite cable connector for connecting satellite cables end-to-end. Also useful as a gender changer for converting a male F type plug to a female F type socket.

Description Order Code Price Quantity
Satellite Cable Connector COAXF91 3.99

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